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Discover the Power of True Connection

Learn the fundamentals of Authentic Relating in 2 days. Discover how you can naturally experience real connection and closeness again, just by being yourself.

  • Do you long for deeper connection, more intimacy and closeness?

  • Do you want to experience more joy, freedom and ease in contact?

  • Do you find it difficult to share what is really alive in you, hold yourself back or adapt for fear of judgments or negative reactions?

  • And do you want to learn how to open up in connection and be seen, heard and understood by being authentically yourself?


True connection, love and relationships are what makes life meaningfull -and pleasurable. At the same time it is also what causes most headaches and heartache. And yes, that makes you quite vulnerable in connection with others. But precisely because you can be so impacted in connection, it can also give you alot of fulfillment!

But where do you learn that? How to really be yourself with others? How do you deal with feelings and desires, intimacy and insecurity, in a society that does not teach you anything about this? Authentic Relating does precicely that. We are Evert and Barbara, founders of Authentic Relating Netherlands, and invite you on a journey in connection with yourself and others.

For many people, satisfactory social contact is not self-evident. Do you recognize yourself in one of the descriptions below?

  • You have enough contacts, but long for more depth, closeness and intimacy.

  • You are sensitive and find it difficult to stay close to yourself in contact with others and groups.

  • You regularly feel insecure, find it difficult to express yourself and take space.

  • You experience recurring patterns in your intimate relationships.

  • You want to learn how to better deal with miscommunication and conflict.

Connection as vehicle for growth

Connection stands literally at the cradle of our life. We all have experienced things that have hurt us and caused us to close our heart. Because there is little room for vulnerability in our society, we often struggle with this alone, behind the 'everything's-fine-mask'. This causes us to be burdened and lonely and often makes our relationships complex or superficial. This is a curse and a blessing: for pain that has arisen in connection also wants to be healed in connection. What if we could consciously make space for this, with a group of people where all is welcome? Where your strength and light as well as your vulnerability and relational blind spots may become visible. Where you can discover your qualities and potential, with the support of others.

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What is Authentic Relating?

Authentic Relating is a unique method that teaches you in a simple way to be yourself again and from there to connect spontaneously, warmly, deeply and honestly with others. Whether intimate relationships, friends, colleagues or even random strangers, Authentic Relating offers you a simple guide to more ease, depth and intimacy in all your connections. You will receive a toolbox of relationship- and communication skills, and learn to embody your full self in the world.

What can you expect?

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Discover the power of vulnerability

Show yourself beyond the 'everything's-fine-mask' and discover that showing vulnerability does not lead to rejection, but rather evokes openness, connection and respect. Experience the freedom that comes when you don't have to hold up anything. You'll learn to let your heart speak and create a space where others can do the same. ​ ​ ​

Show yourself

Real contact is about being seen, heard and appreciated. In order to be seen, it is not only necessary that we show ourselves, but also that we let others in. We create a safe setting to practice taking space, opening ourselves up and increasing the capacity for receiving love and attention. This completely attuned to your personal desires and boudaries.


​ ​

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Follow your heart

Authentic Relating sets you in motion! Our authentic needs and desires are powerful engines for growth. We practice acknowledging, expressing and following your needs in a way that is attuned to others and gets them on board. Discover how you can follow your flow and experience more passion and fulfillment in your connections. ​ ​ ​

Learn relational present moment tracking

In everyday life, we often tell stories about ourselves and overlook the most essential: the experience of this moment in connection. Create more intimacy with relational present moment tracking. By slowing down you will learn to get out of your head and experience what is happening in you in contact with others. You'll become aware of the innate wisdom of your body and to share your feelings.

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Take care of yourself

Become aware of injured child and trauma parts within yourself, and the ways in which your protective mechanisms really keep connection and intimacy at bay. Make your pain your biggest engine for growth and connection, by learning to take good care of yourself. Learn simple physical techniques for self- and co-regulation. ​ ​


Speak your truth

Connection and synergy arise when everyone speaks their authentic truth. Often we hold ourselves back because we don't want to be a burden or are afraid of negative reactions. This creates tension, which can eventually cause distance or conflict. Learn to bring yourself in and have difficult conversations in a way that lands well, because you do justice to yourself and others. You will learn communication tools and practice nonviolent communication.

What does this look like?

Interactive and experiential

We'll guide you on a journey in contact with yourself and others. We use different techniques and set-ups: one-on-one and in groups. By slowing down, sharing, eye contact, movement, touch and music, attuned to the moment and the group, we create a safe and warm atmosphere in which we can really meet and support each other in being ourselves.

Theory and Practice

In the course we work with a clear theoretical framework and step-by-step methodology, which will be organically interwoven in the mainly experiential way of working. This so that you not only have a beautiful experience of real contact, but also integrate it more deeply because you know why and how this arises and how you can apply this yourself in your daily life.

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175 euro

Early bird 150 euro.


Practical details

4 Avonden (Dutch)

  • Donderdag 2, 9, 23, 30 mei   van 19.30-22.00 uur

  • 't Klophuis, Haitidreef 6, 3563HC Utrecht

  • Bijdrage: 180,-  Early bird 160,- 

  • Facilitator Evert van As            

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